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More New Karts!

SGC made this Post on 06/01/2017, 7:58 JST | Category: Default
More new Karts for GCGP!

SGC made this Post on 05/15/2017, 6:46 JST | Category: Default
Recently, it seems like Moron Land sent out a n00b representative to check out,
to say the least, he wasn't happy with the results.

Karts are on their way to GCGP!

SGC made this Post on 04/16/2017, 14:57 JST | Category: Default
Karts recently started the creation process, and the DK Jumbo is optimized, and ready for DS, single dashing action!

Expect to see a few more Karts in the coming weeks, what's next?
Who knows!

Sherbet Land is coming along well.

SGC made this Post on 04/12/2017, 18:50 JST | Category: Default
I don't know about any of you, but I think it's starting to look pretty good.
I hope you like it. Feel free to suggest anything.

My new blog!

SGC made this Post on 04/04/2017, 22:03 JST | Category: Default
Well, this is my new Blog, thanks to Yami for setting this up for me.

Here I will post about the projects I'm working on, and the proc that goes into making them,
most notably CTs among other things.

To start off, here's my current project for MKDS, a port of GCN Sherbet Land!
The model still needs some work, and the NKM is incomplete, but it works pretty well, so far.
It'll be released a long withy my ROM hack MKDS:GCGP, this summer.